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Why joining SKI.COM.BR ?

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SKI.COM.BR was fully developed home-office, by only one professional, with the support of a very professional website company and by university students interns. The tools chosen were those available on the internet, free of charge. That is why the values ​​for participation are very attractive.
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New markets
SKI.COM.BR operates throughout America, and by connecting the consumer to the supplier directly, without the need for a commission, it helps suppliers to maintain an attractive price for an audience increasingly interested in discovering new adventures.
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Easy to Use
SKI.COM.BR is very simple to participate. Sign up, choose one of the plans, sending your information. We will organize everything so that customers can access and buy your products and services.
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Lots of sales
Your brand exposure on a powerful website that will make you reach more customers. Sign up, choose one of our plans, and let us do the work. Through our online platform, you increase your exposure across America and consequently will make a lot of sales.
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Because we only make money when you have a result. We work hard so that your brand and products are seen and reserved.
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Direct reservations
We display the names of all local suppliers along with their products and services, giving customers the option to book directly with you.
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New customers
SKI.COM.BR is totally aimed at the public who never skied. From the basic information of each component of a snow trip, to a powerful step by step to make the shopping journey as easy as possible.
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With this project we have the ambition to train more and more university students, as well as, part of our revenue will be donated to the associations, to encourage the participation of young people in the winter smart watches.

Who can be a partner ?

  • Snow resorts – who want to stand out from the almost 6000 resorts around the world, have the opportunity, with their own page and no more post, complete information, to participate in the list of Resorts by style, having more guaranteed access by the type of public that they want to reach
  • Means of accommodation – Your property highlighted, your promotions to fill the beginning and end of the season, since the target audience of SKI.COM.BR are beginners, who are not bothered by the conditions of all tracks. Having the basics for the first steps, that’s enough!
  • Lift Tickets – Promote promotions, Season-Pass, and other attractions of the season
  • Ski and snowboard instructors and schools – They are already in contact with students, scheduling classes and optimizing time and earning money. No digital channel offers as much exposure as for instructors like ours
  • Carriers – Airlines, car rental companies, van services, that is, transportation in general, can advertise their products, services and offers without spending a lot. You recover the investment of 1 years of advertising in a single sale
  • Travel insurance – A market for potential customers, as we strongly recommend issuing insurance in all of our texts
  • Ski and snowboard equipment stores and rental companies
  • Restaurants, bars, shops (Brazilians and South Americans in general are excellent buyers)
  • Dispatchers for making passports and obtaining visas
  • Tour operators specializing in trips to snow resorts have a great opportunity to sell directly to consumers, improving their margins and providing first-rate service.
  • Club Med – with its dozens of winter resorts, it’s a perfect product for first-time travelers
  • Information companies on climate and snow conditions
  • And everything related to sports, adventure and the audience of this segment
  • Companies that sell activities outside the ski and snowboard

How does it work ?

Sign up now - it takes less than 5 minutes!

Increase your sales

Your brand exposure on a powerful website that will reach many more customers for you.

Here is what SKI.COM.BR offers:

More sales and more bookings

Sign up, choose one of our plans, and let us do all the work. Through our online platform, you will increase your exposure throughout Latin America and sell more.


Because we only make money when you have a result we work hard so that your brand and products are seen and you get bookings.

Easy to Use Platform

It is very simple to enroll with SKI.COM.BR. Sign up, choose a plan, and send your information. We will organize everything so that customers can access and buy your products and services.

Increase in direct bookings

We display the names of all local suppliers along with their products and services, giving travelers the option to book directly with you.

Our distribution network

1) Tour Operators and Travel Agents

Tour operators and travel agents from all over Latin America have access to use the customized SKI.COM.BR platform on their websites. With that, they can offer all of our content to their customers, without worrying about updating information, or spending hours searching the internet.

2) online agents, hotel websites, and other SKI.COM.BR partners

Customers will also be able to book through major travel sites, which are contractually committed to helping promote their products and services. The promotion through partnership and white label solutions, widgets, links, banners, XML integrations, pre-travel email integrations and many other methods, makes our network promote your products and increase your revenues.

There are more than 10,000 agents in Brazil and 25,000 across Latin America. Your products and services are promoted through this wide network of partners, making your products visible and bookable to millions of potential customers across the continent.

Full Support

Our SKI.COM.BR support teams are ready to help you with everything you need to make the promotion process a success.

Quality customer service

Our friendly, multilingual Customer Service team offers 24/7 support. We take care of the little things so that you can focus on offering your products and services and providing your customers with an incredible experience.

Vendor Support

Our vendor service manager helps you with any questions about your account and our system, ensuring you get quick and helpful answers.

Vendor tools

We are committed to helping you sell your products and services, so we offer the tools to make that happen. Analytical tools, translation services, optimization services, and more. Everything to turn queries into sales.

We do not intermediate

Payments are direct from customers, operators and agents to you. We do not sell or intermediate sales. We only distribute information. SKI.COM.BR displays your company name next to all your products and services.

Your association with SKI.COM.BR conveys trust to potential customers. Knowing that a company works with a worldwide distribution partner assures customers that its products and services have been verified and approved.

Vendor-Customer Communication

Within our product inquiry forms, customers can interact with vendors even before making a reservation. Whatever the customer’s query is, vendors receive the customer’s message promptly and can respond directly.

We encourage you to send all your products to SKI.COM.BR. The more you offer, the more opportunities customers have to know your brand and book with you. The “experts” plan is a great option, with it, you are entitled to content optimization, translation services, customer support and marketing.

Who can join?

SKI.COM.BR works only with reputable businesses and professional suppliers offering services and information related to winter resorts.


If you have any doubts regarding this document, the USER may contact, using the phrase “partnership” in the title of the message.


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